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BOTOX and Fillers

Facial Plastic Surgery Botox & FillersPeople's skin changes with age. Time's ravages on the youthful contours and pleasant elasticity of the face make friendly people look angry, energized people; tired and worn out, upbeat people; downtrodden. In short, facial features defy the real personality beneath, and need to be restored.

BOTOX and Fillers are a way of rejuvenating the appearance, and restoring the natural vitality of facial skin. BOTOX in particular is an excellent way of enhancing youth without major surgery. Is It Right for Me?

Is It Right for Me?

While some in the media have commented that BOTOX and fillers reduce expressiveness or impedes facial movement, those effects are vastly over-reported. An experienced and professional surgeon like Dr. Aminpour knows the subtleties of the face, and the substance itself, and is able to use BOTOX and fillers to bring natural, desirable effects to his patients.

Facial fillers in Los Angeles can be used for patients with a number of complaints. At the jawline, a dimpled chin or a harsh jaw shape can be rounded out. So called "bunny lines," and other creases around the mouth, along with drooping mouth lines, can be made tighter and smoother. The neck can be approached preemptively, by reducing "neck bands" over time. Also, these kinds of dermal fillers in Los Angeles have been shown to help with problems like headaches and excessive sweating.

At your consultation with Dr. Aminpour, he will discuss your individual needs, and find out if BOTOX is your best option, or if it should be combined with other fillers, or even fat transferred from your belly or hips. He will fully explain the relative similarities and differences of BOTOX vs. fillers.

Dr. Aminpour's Approach

Most fillers can be injected with very little time investment from the patient. After your consultation, Dr. Aminpour will generally use a topical numbing agent. Dr. Aminpour will then inject the filler with a very thin needle, changing locations and injecting several times. Next, the area that was just injected will be gently massaged for a short time. Ice will be applied to minimize swelling. The whole process takes approximately 30 minutes.


Fillers will begin to smooth out wrinkles noticeably as soon as the swelling goes down. BOTOX starts working 24 to 72 hours after injection, and lasts from 3-6 months. Other fillers last various lengths depending on the amount used, and the nature and placement of the injection. Naturally, fat transfer procedures will have significantly longer recovery times.

If you have a question about BOTOX and fillers, or any other cosmetic procedures, you should contact Dr. Aminpour and schedule a FREE consultation.