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Facelift Before After

While men and women in their 20s and 30s are not often troubled by creases in the face or neck, the fine lines and wrinkles that emerge later in life can detract from a person’s natural beauty. In looking at the facelift before and after pictures on the Hills Aesthetic website, one can see that leading Los Angeles surgeon Dr. Shervin Aminpour possesses the skill, education, and talent to resolve issues related to facial creases, sagging cheeks, and more. While a rhinoplasty before and after photo reflects a newly structured nose that flatters the other facial features, the facelift before and after gallery of Hills Aesthetics presents images of tighter, more youthful faces. Too often, faces that were adjusted by other physicians appear alarmingly artificial, but Dr. Aminpour’s subtle alterations yield remarkably fresh and natural results. After the potential facelift client consults with the highly-regarded surgeon, he or she can anticipate the best results for facelift before and after the surgery is complete.

Sometimes, patients receive lip augmentation before and after the facelift surgery, but the lip augmentation can also be performed at the time of facelift. The Hills Aesthetics photo gallery reflects the results of combination surgeries. At times, facial rejuvenation is accomplished through non-invasive techniques. Hills Aesthetics offers effective facial fillers like Juvederm before and after the most troubling wrinkles and fine lines appear. Clients of Hills Aesthetics may also choose to share the results of their non-surgical facial procedures in our photo gallery to inspire others.

For more information about facelifts and other cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Shervin Aminpour, contact Hills Aesthetics today at 818-646-6969 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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