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Juvederm Before and After

For the treatment of unwanted lines and wrinkles, patients around Southern California are turning to facial fillers in Los Angeles, including Botox and Juvederm. Have your Juvederm injection performed by a skilled facial plastic surgeon, not just someone licensed to perform injections. Dr. Aminpour took his undergrad courses at the University of Southern California, and holds a medical degree from UC Davis. As a plastic surgeon, he is board certified to perform head & neck operations, and is a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Not only is Dr. Aminpour skilled in administering facial fillers, but he also has the care and compassion - as well as the artistic eye - of a great cosmetic surgeon. The difference seen in Juverderm before and after pictures underscores the benefits of this procedure.

Juvederm is a naturally occurring compound that can be injected into human skin without harmful effects. Generally, it is injected into the creases around the nose and mouth that come from aging. By subtly increasing the fullness of these areas, a youthful facial appearance can be restored. Viewing photos of Juvederm before and after helps clarify some of its secondary uses. Juvederm can also be injected into the lips for added fullness, or anywhere in the face where unwanted loss of fat has occurred.

Juvederm is relatively simple for Dr. Aminpour to inject, and patients – such as those found in the Juvederm before and after photos – typically experience minimal discomfort. In the days and weeks following an injection, the compound will bind with fluids from inside your skin to form a natural gel that will hold in place and simulate the presence of youthful dermal fat. Your Juvederm will last for several months before being absorbed by your body. The effects of Juvederm are generally positive; side effects are rare, and usually brought on by an allergic reaction.

If you're interested in Juvederm in Los Angeles, other dermal fillers in Los Angeles, or any facial plastic surgery, contact us to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Aminpour today.