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Facial Plastic Surgery Lip Augmantation

Lip Augmentation Los Angeles

Whether for the restoration of lost volume, or because of a preference for bigger, fuller lips, lip augmentation in Los Angeles is an extremely popular procedure, with a wide range of approaches for individual patients. Dr. Aminpour does offer options for patients seeking bold, big, "Hollywood" lips. That said, most patients are just looking to subtly improve the contrast in the lines separating their facial skin from their lips, or are looking for the slight restoration of their lips' youthful fullness. Additionally, long-term smokers can find that wrinkles have formed in the skin around their mouth, and that lip augmentation in Los Angeles can alleviate this effect.

Is It Right for Me?

The exact method employed for lip augmentation depends in part on how permanent you want the change to be. Collagen is relatively temporary, and requires follow up procedures every few months to maintain its effect. On the other hand certain implants and fat transfers are a more permanent lip augmentation. Dr. Aminpour will discuss these options with the patient at length to make sure they are making an informed choice.

Dr. Aminpour's Approach

Most lip augmentations are performed as outpatient procedures. A local anesthetic is given, and the patient is fully sedated. Depending on the procedure, an incision is necessary at the lips, and sometimes fat and/or scar tissue is taken from elsewhere on the body and injected into the lips. If preferred, an implant or gel is used. In the case of injections, no anesthetic is necessary, although numbing agents are optional.
The time it takes to perform the procedure will vary, depending on the technique and the material being used. Injections may take only 15 minutes, while implants will take a good deal longer.


Quick recovery is one of the reasons lip augmentation surgery is so popular. Bandage strips are used on the lips, and antibiotic ointment is applied. Swelling is often quite noticeable for up to a week after a lip augmentation, but they will return to a natural appearance shortly after that time, and improvement will continue over time.
Due to lip augmentation's relatively short recovery time and low rate of complications, many patients opt to combine it with other procedures; this can also save on lip augmentation cost. If you have additional questions about lip augmentation in Los Angeles, contact Dr. Aminpour for a FREE consultation.