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Blepharoplasty Cost

Whether it’s done for cosmetic or medical reasons, it’s only natural for patients considering eyelid surgery to be concerned with blepharoplasty cost. Dr. Shervin Aminpour, M.D. of Hills Aesthetics wants you to know that that upper eyelid surgery can be covered by insurance, but usually only if a case can be made that the patient’s vision is being impacted by excess eyelid skin.  When blepharoplasty is being done strictly to improve the appearance, of course, then the expense of surgery must be covered out of pocket. However, blepharoplasty cost is far from excessive by medical standards.

If you are regularly dismayed by the appearance of your eyelids, then it’s entirely likely that cosmetic eye surgery will be an extremely good investment in your overall happiness. However, you need to make sure that your surgery is performed by a first rate plastic surgeon with the touch of an artist. With a surgeon of Dr. Aminpour’s caliber, blepharoplasty generally goes extremely smoothly.

The surgery itself is usually over within a matter of hours and can most often be performed under a local anesthetic. Visible scaring of any kind is negligible. Within ten days, your recovery should be about complete in most cases and your new brighter-eyed appearance and/or improved vision fully in place.

Indeed, most patients report that the investment in money and time is very well worth it. Most of Dr. Aminpour’s patients report a new feeling of confidence and vitality in the aftermath of blepharoplasty. If your eyelids are getting in the way of your vision or your happiness, then it’s time to see about a meeting with a great plastic surgeon in Los Angeles like Dr. Shervin Aminpour.

To learn more about blephoraplasty cost and other issues, please contact Dr. Aminpour for a free consultation.