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Restylane Los Angeles

The popularity of facial fillers like Restylane in Los Angeles is no great mystery. We live in a highly image conscious area where the entertainment business brings with it a heavy concentration on appearance. Dr. Shervin Aminpour of Hills Aesthetics has done his part to keep some of the world’s most beautiful people beautiful.

There are a number of outstanding facial fillers used by cosmetic surgeons and others. Many patients take advantage of Restylane at Los Angeles clinics where doctors use the product to reduce wrinkling and generally shape and mold the face for a more pleasing effect.  Among these doctors, few are better than the highly regarded plastic surgeon Dr. Shervin Aminpour of Hills Aesthetics.

Restylane in Los Angeles and elsewhere is used at a number of points around the face, including the lips and to eliminate or diminish wrinkling and other common facial imperfections.  While Restylane is an excellent product that Dr. Aminpour is proud to use, it is just one of a number of popular fillers that are safe and very effective. The decision about which filler to use may depend on any number of factors and really should only be made after the doctor has had an opportunity to get up to date on your needs and health history.

Fillers are not the only non-surgical option for facial rejuvenation. You’re no doubt aware of the popularity of Botox in Los Angeles. This agent works by limiting the amount in certain areas of the face where wrinkles, crows’ feet and other imperfections may reside.  In that way, it both lessens wrinkles actually helps to limit their formation. Although Botox and fillers work in very different ways, they are just part of the nonsurgical arsenal of one of the finest cosmetic practitioners in Southern California.

For more information on facial fillers in Los Angeles, please contact or (818) 992-0331 for a free consultation.