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Rhinoplasty Los Angeles

Rhinoplasty in Los AngelesThe ultimate goal of any effective rhinoplasty procedure is to create an enhanced but completely natural appearance that serves to harmonize the shape of your nose with the rest of your facial structure. Too many bad "celebrity nose jobs" have created the pervasive stigma of shiny, pinched noses, but in the hands of a capable medical practitioner with a wealth of experience and expertise performing rhinoplasty in Los Angeles, this procedure should seamlessly blend the alterations in your nasal structure with your other facial features.

Is It Right for Me?

There are a number of reasons – both cosmetic and health-related – why you might be interested in undergoing rhinoplasty in Los Angeles. Symmetry is the key to an attractive face. If certain nasal features create asymmetry, such as an overly bulbous tip or excessively wide, flaring nostrils, rhinoplasty can restore much-needed balance. Dr. Aminpour also offers revision rhinoplasty to correct issues arising from an unsatisfactory operation performed by another surgeon. Finally, this procedure can serve to correct deviated septa and other physical conditions that, if left untreated, cause serious respiratory issues. Like with any surgical operation, nose plastic surgery is not something to leap into without careful consideration. It is important to choose a plastic surgeon who will take the time to sit down with you, listen attentively to your ambitions and concerns, and help you determine the best course of action.

Dr. Aminpour's Approach

By employing cutting edge imaging software, Dr. Aminpour is able to provide you with a clear sense of the aesthetic changes he intends to make. An informed patient is a satisfied patient, so during this early stage in the process, you will have ample opportunity to review the planned alterations and offer input. Only after you are sure about the path forward, will Dr. Aminpour proceed to surgery, which usually takes between three to three and a half hours. Dr. Aminpour does not believe in a "cookie-cutter," one-size-fits-all approach to rhinoplasty. Depending on your particular circumstances, he may use an open or closed rhinoplasty procedure. The essential difference between the two methods is that open rhinoplasty involves a small incision to the columella (the fleshy end of cartilage between the nostrils), whereas closed rhinoplasty does not. Closed rhinoplasty usually translates to a speedier recovery, with less post-operative discomfort, but it can also restrict the surgeon’s freedom during the operation itself.

During the procedure, Dr. Aminpour uses cartilage from your septum to support the new structure of your nose. In the case of revision rhinoplasty, he may use cartilage from your ear (an auricular cartilage graft) or your rib (a costal cartilage graft), since your nose may already be depleted of cartilage from the previous operation.
It is also worth noting that Dr. Aminpour places great emphasis on "ethno-sensitive" rhinoplasty in Los Angeles. For patients of Asian, African, Hispanic, Middle-Eastern, and other non-Caucasian ancestry, a truly natural and harmonious appearance is predicated on preserving those distinct ethnic features, while at the same time enhancing the aesthetically-pleasing contours of the nose.


After the surgery is complete, Dr. Aminpour will apply a cast and splint to your nose. Eyeglasses should be taped up and away from the nose to avoid putting pressure on the structure before it heals and strengthens. You will experience some bruising, swollenness, and puffiness, but this will begin to go down within two to three weeks. It will take around 12 months for the swelling to disappear completely. That said, your nose will already look much better than it did, even right after the operation. Throughout the rhinoplasty recovery process, medication and ice packs can help mitigate the discomfort, and cover-up make-up is very effective in hiding the bruising.

If you have additional questions about rhinoplasty in Los Angeles, contact Dr. Aminpour for a FREE consultation.