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Functional Rhinoplasty

When most people hear the word “rhinoplasty,” they think of a “nose job” as a cosmetic procedure. While rhinoplasty does commonly address the nose from a solely cosmetic perspective, it can also address internal and external structures of the nose. Functional rhinoplasty addresses a physical issue or deformity with the nose that prevents proper airflow, whether the deformity is congenital or has resulted from trauma, disease or an allergy.

Some conditions that can cause a need for functional rhinoplasty are enlarged nasal turbinates (the filtering organs inside the nose), crooked nasal bones or collapse of cartilage and other structures supporting the nose. Each of these conditions can be addressed through a corrective nose surgery.

What’s more, functional and cosmetic rhinoplasties can be, and often should be, performed at the same time. In the past, surgeons who only focused on cosmetic shape and form often destroyed elements of the nose essential to function. Later, these surgeries would result in a collapsed nose or further breathing problems.

Today, functional rhinoplasty as performed by Dr. Aminpour in his Los Angeles office addresses the anatomy and structure of the nose for totally functional results. It’s important to note that a functional rhinoplasty addresses the entire nose, inside and out, whereas another procedure to address nose function, known as a septoplasty in Los Angeles, only addresses the repair of the septum, or the internal wall that divides the nasal cavities. Functional rhinoplasty may address any nasal issues including congential nasal obstructures, scar tissue or narrow or collapsed passages.

You may be a candidate for functional rhinoplasty if you experience any of the following:

  • Obvious nasal deformity due to trauma, lesion or disease
  • Congenital nasal defect that impairs function
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Constriction of the nasal valves

The primary goal of any corrective nose surgery is improved quality of life by improving breathing and addressing any other symptoms such as inflammation, post nasal drip or chronic congestion that is the result of an anatomical and functional issue.

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If you are interested in functional rhinoplasty, your next step is a consultation with Dr. Aminpour. During this time, he will gather all information regarding your exact circumstances, allowing him to relate functional rhinoplasty to you. As a double board certified rhinoplasty surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Aminpour delivers among the best functional rhinoplasty Los Angeles has available. Please call us today to schedule a consultation.


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