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Septoplasty in Los Angeles

There is no better feeling than smooth, easy airflow through the nose. One very common barrier to this is a deviated septum. This is a condition in which the septum—the part of the nose separating the two nostrils—is askew. This prevents proper airflow, often prompting facial pain, headaches, postnasal drip and other uncomfortable symptoms. Fortunately there is a procedure that can adequately correct this condition, known as a septoplasty. Performed with Dr. Aminpour's expertise, patient's uniformly get total relief from any lack of nasal function caused by a deviated septum. Dr. Aminpour posesses years of expertise and training, allowing him to get his procedures right the first time, thus significantly lowering the need for revision rhinoplasty in Los Angeles. All too often does he receive a patient that is need of revision rhinoplasty due to a prior surgeon's mistake. Be sure to take this into consideration when selecting your nose surgeon.

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